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Shock Desktop is a utility that enables to arrange the desktop icons positions
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Shock Desktop is a desktop tool that enables users to arrange the existing icons and change their locations.
The application allows setting different icons positions, saving them and recovering them later. Also, users can hide or show icons labels, or the icons themselves.

The program enables to save a given desktop icons location and restore it when calling the profile, even if they have changed their actual positions. The icons positions and the options selected, icons layouts and dispositions, are saved as user profiles (unlimited).

Users can recover a determinate profile containing the desktop icons positions right after (s)he has changed the monitor screen resolution, or whenever it is needed to display a defined disposition as icons arrangement.

When the application is installed, it inserts an icon into the system tray, to get rapid access to all its funtionalities. The program allows, as well, to be automatically initiated when Windows starts, by selecting that option on the main menu.

Another important feature/option is the above mentioned function of hiding all the desktop icons, to obtain screenshots, or to get a clean desktop for some applications to run.

The program includes an interesting function to see desktop icons on top of any running program that is covering those, just by typing CTRL+Q, as stated on the options main window.

With this handy software application, users can change all the desktop icons positions and customize the way it looks. Different users of the same PC can create their own profiles to get the desktop arrangement fully customized.

Ignacio Solves
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